Wine production generates different types of waste depending on whether we are talking about the harvesting tools, the vats and wine recirculation systems, the fermentation barrels or the general cleaning of the facilities.
This is a high quality sector with a lot of exports, with specific limitations like the danger of producing odours that stay in the wines or the need to eliminate the reddish hue of the grape or to remove the tartaric remains that
precipitate from the tanks. Therefore, products with different characteristics are necessary:

• foam products for the general cleaning of the facilities, surfaces, floors, exterior of the tanks, harvesting elements…
• anti-foaming agents that facilitate CIP cleaning in the tanks and pipes
• alkaline that eliminate tartaric remains
• acids that eliminate mineral incrustations
• oxidising products that help to eliminate the reddish colour of the grapes from the facilities
• disinfectant solutions that ensure the innocuousness of the produced product
Therefore, the use of the following should be considered:

Non-foaming alkaline detergents for CIP that help to remove the organic remains of the grape and the tartaric IA-751.

Disinfectant detergents Alkaline chlorine non-foaming to clean and disinfect the CIP system like IA-700.

Acid descaler non-foaming for CIP that help to remove mineral incrustations IA-730.

Peracetic acid to sanitise the CIP and to eliminate the reddish pigments of the grape IA-710.

Disinfectant detergents alkaline chlorine for general cleaning and disinfection of the facilities like IA-701 or IA-703C.

Slightly alkaline degreaser for sensitive surfaces IA-748.