Bakery Industry

This is an industry characterised by its large amount of organic waste. High amounts of fat (from the products they make and from greasing the trays to prevent sticking in the oven), burnt fat in the ovens, burnt carbohydrates
and sugars, as well as flour.
Important to remove the flour remains before using water to prevent the formation of paste.

Therefore, with these characteristics, it is necessary to use the following:

Alkaline detergents I-544 or Alkaline chlorine for cleaning and disinfecting like IA-701 and IA-703C.

Quaternary ammoniums for sensitive machinery, pipes or piping systems and nozzles where caramel flows, or other products like cream, Desincol.

Peracetic acid for drains IA-710.

Disinfectant terminals for utensils Microsan.

Multiuse degreaser for burnt fat in the ovens and on the trays, like Storm, Thunder, Gale or Multigras.