Beer Industry

The elaboration of beer generates a series of specific dirt, especially protein remains, tannins, oils and carbohydrates, as well as inorganic remains like oxalate, which produces “milk stone”.
For the correct cleaning of these types of industries the following may be needed:

Alkaline non-foaming agents for CIP that help to remove the organic remains of oils, carbohydrates and tannins IA-751.

Disinfectant detergents alkaline chlorine non-foaming to clean and disinfect the CIP system like IA-700.

Acid descaler non-foaming for CIP that help to remove oxalate incrustations and other mineral remains IA-730.

Peracetic acid in the case of opting to use this product IA-710.

Disinfectant detergents alkaline chlorine for the general cleaning and disinfection of the facilities IA-701 or IA703C.