Food Sector

Induquim’s Comprehensive Service Comprehensive solutions adapted to the specific characteristics of your industry
in order to reach optimal levels of hygiene in your facilities, covering risks and needs.
Induquim works alongside you in the implementation through different services.
Therefore, we offer:
• Technical advice on the most suitable products so that you have
the right product in each situation to achieve your goals.
• Development of specific Hygiene Plans, defining the cleaning and disinfecting protocol for each room or equipment, how to use the products, effective concentrations, frequency of cleaning and everything that is needed to ensure its correct use.
• Automation in the cleaning process through the technical support and availability of a wide range of machinery that allows for C+D efficiency improvements and in the obtained results.
• Training Courses for the personnel who carry out the cleaning tasks to ensure they have the correct know-how about how to apply the products.
• Process consultancy and follow-up, possibility of microbiological and chemical control of surfaces and atmospheres to validate the hygiene procedures.
• Development of visible signage in your facilities.
All of this offered from our deep understanding of the sector, our commitment to put your company at the vanguard regarding health safety. Moreover, in order to guarantee the quality of our products, all of our processes are ISO 9001:2008 quality standard certified.