Masservice. Facility Service

Facility Service is a very demanding sector but which is also very competitive within the world of professional cleaning and hygiene. That’s why, within this field, a fundamental and essential point in order to give a quality service, are the manufactured chemicals used to clean any sector: commercial, industrial, education, science, tourism, health, transport, etc.

Induquim, as a leading company in the development of R+D+i has all the solutions that your business needs to be the most competitive in the market and, at the same time, to generate maximum profits. The secret to success lies in how we adapt our services to the client’s needs.

Moreover, our clients have a continuous advisory service about problems and inconveniencies in order to give a complete, specialised and professional service.

Through a comprehensive service, unification of resources and optimal operational management, we achieve a performance plus to, in the end, obtain the expected profit