Induquim assigns a prominent place in its product ranges that cannot but be dedicated to the environment.
We at Induquim firmly believe in corporate social responsibility of companies so we have developed a product line with European Union ECOLABEL certification minimising its environmental
impact and meeting environmental requirements.

Advantages of ECOLABEL certification:
• We can let our clients know that our products are more environmentally friendly than others with similar func-tions and specifications.
• This is a public label compatible with other national systems of ecological labelling and is valid and recognised in all Member States of the European Union, irrespective of in which country said certification has been obtained.
• The ecological criteria established to get the certification are decided objectively by official public organisations as they are not subject to commercial pressure.
• The label shows verified information about the environmental impact of the product throughout its life.

In addition to achieving other ecological requirements (raw materials used, concentrations, specification of containers…), this label is only granted to products that guarantee at least a similar efficiency compared to conventional products. Induquim
has carried out tests with respect to its formulations at certified laboratories in order to prove said efficiency before the competent bodies.