Cleaning and hygiene: the origin of your plates

In the Catering sector cleaning and hygiene are essential to the establishment’s prestige. Induquim, in this commitment to excellence, is part of your team.

Every establishment in which food is handled and served to the public has a moral responsibility and, of course, extra legal responsibilities. That’s why Induquim pays so much attention to this sector. Caring for the elements that come into play for an impeccable service means offering products and systems that are extraordinarily clean and hygienic.

Induquim has developed a range of high quality products with noble raw materials that ensure complete satisfaction for both the workers and the consumers: specialised products and systems to cover all the specific needs in a direct and complete way.

Induquim has high quality “Ready to use” products and Massplus® concentrated products that generate a direct benefit in the results, storage, handling and transport. Always respecting the environment.

Induquim’s Personalised Consultancy Service offers professional solutions to improve your business.