EMG SaniQuick


In less than 45 minutes

At Induquim we believe that any type of garment that is washed must also be disinfected because we don’t know who the last person to use it was; based on this premise, we are really proud to present the EMG Saniquick® Washing and Disinfecting System. Certified in the WKF European Applied Research Institute (Germany).

EMG Saniquick® allows us to wash and disinfect any load of organic dirt and eliminate the costly and infectious soaking and pre-washes. In other words, it is a process with a wide range of applications as it can be used not only with hospital garments and linens but also in the hotel, catering and food sectors,… EMG Saniquick® is a real scientific breakthrough, resulting from the intense and brilliant research effort that Induquim has been carrying out over the years.