Cleaning and hygiene: the beginning of wellbeing

Cleaning and disinfecting in nursing and geriatric homes implies implementing protocols that are delicate and unavoidable, demanding and complex within professional cleaning.
The complete sanitisation and disinfection of all parts of the centre:spaces, surfaces, utensils and objects mean that it is a sector with a high degree of exactitude.
Adapted furniture, beds with anti-fall systems, adaptors for washing in showers and many other elements in these types of facilities must be cleaned in a special way.
The residents are people with special characteristics that must be taken into account when establishing cleaning protocols. The primordial and most important is that, given that they are people considered at risk and whose health is very often delicate and, therefore, more susceptible to contagion given their physical conditions, cleaning must be constant and efficient.
Induquim has a complete variety of products and systems aimed at cleaning and disinfecting all the areas and elements in nursing homes for the elderly.


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