Induquim Divisions


Six divisions

Masslimp is divided into six divisions that encompass most of Induquim’s manufactured products. It includes any cleaning and everyday scenting products.


Professional kitchen

Induquim’s Research and Development Department together with the expertise provided by the most demanding clients has developed a division for Masschef products to cover all highest quality hygiene.


Professional laundry

Induquim Research and Development Department has developed the Masswash®, range of latest generation products to solve any
professional laundry problem.


Food Sector

Faced with the challenges presented by the current approach to hygiene in the food industry as established in the EU’s complex standard and auditing system.


Vehicle Sector

Induquim has a wide range of products to clean and maintain every kind of vehicle. We offer a product for each need, exterior and interior cleaning, with delicate cleaning of all parts of the vehicle and excellent results.


Facility Service

Facility Service is a very demanding sector but which is also very competitive within the world of professional cleaning and hygiene. That’s why, within this field, a fundamental and essential point in order to give a quality service.


Boats Cleaning

Induquim’s Technical Department has developed an exclusive range of products aimed at cleaning boats.


Urban Cleaning

Induquim’s Technical Application and Research Department has developed the Massvial® range of products, latest generation products adapted to the needs that the sector demands.


Concentrated products

Induquim has introduced innovative concentrated products because we are very conscientious about quality and saving.


Ecological products

Induquim assigns a prominent place in its product ranges that cannot but be dedicated to the environment.

Hygiene plans®

Integral service

At Induquim we know the complexity of the current hygiene, in approach to the food industry, and the complexity of the processes that the demanding regulations have imposed.