Cleaning and hygiene: keys to your hotel’s reputation

Many people co-exist and move around hotels every day and that’s why profound, detailed cleaning is of extreme importance. Many times disinfection is also required in some areas to eliminate bacteria that have been able to affect a specific environment or surface.

When a guest stays in a hotel, he or she expects good service, that the expectations are met or are even better than what he/she booked and to feel comfortable, at home. The bedroom, the bathroom and the facilities in the hotel must be clean and cared for, tidy and sanitised.

Hotel cleaning is really important: even though a thousand things are taken care of in an exceptional way, if the bathroom is not gleaming, the furniture and the surfaces are not perfectly clean or the sheets, towels and tablecloths are not impeccable and unstained, the reputation will be affected and the guest will not stay in the hotel again.
Induquim has a complete variety of products and systems aimed at cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting all the areas and elements in a hotel, and always adapted to the real needs demanded by the client.

  • Housekeeping
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry